safety information

every nuttysparks candle has a safety label on the bottom of the jar so please ensure this remains on the jar when used!

  • when the candle is lit ensure that it is kept within site

  • trim the wick to 3mm prior to lighting and continue to do this on each burn

  • keep out of reach of children and pets

  • on the first burn allow the candle to create an even wax pool to the edge of the container: this prevents ‘tunneling’ from occurring.

  • remove any soot, debris and wick trimmings from the wax pool.

  • never move the container when the wax is liquid as the jars can get hot

  • keep all candles on a level and heat resistant surface

  • do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time.

  • stop burning the candle if the flame becomes too high, flickers or smokes. This is due to the wick not being trimmed. Allow to cool, and simply snap the charred bit and then relight.

  • DO NOT fall asleep with the candle burning or use as a night-light!!

most importantly, enjoy and make the most of your nuttysparks product!

our safety precautions and candle care are simply in place to ensure you get the most out of our products.

how long do your products last?

our exclusive 255ml/9oz candles have a burn time of 45-60 hours

what is your delivery policy?

most of our orders are packed and posted within 1 day of purchase.

delivery is complimentary.

how do I become a stockist or reseller?

we would love to welcome you on board, just fill out our contact us form and we will send you further information!