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i hate everyone except us

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candle size dimensions

check before you purchase!

💜 6 oz candle is a small candle! - height: 3 in diameter 2.5 in

💜 9 oz candle - height: 3.5 in diameter 2.75 in

💜 16 oz double wick candle - height: 3.75 in diameter 3.5 in


🟣 100% soy wax hand poured into glass jars.

🟣 cotton wicks (no lead, zinc, or other metals).

🟣 fragrances are all phthalate-free!

🟣 screw on lid for 6oz., 9oz., & 16oz.

how to order:

1. choose scent

2. choose size

3. only the candles with the option to add customization are customizable! if you want to create a custom label please order this listing:

💜 please note that all labels will include our shop branding at the bottom of the label.

💜 for items with personalization please be sure to double check spelling before you send it our way! we cannot be responsible for spelling mistakes due to spelling errors made while ordering. we do not send mock-ups unless requested.

please light these responsibly:

🚫 never leave a burning candle unattended.

🚫 never burn a candle on or near anything that might catch fire.

🚫 never burn candles near drafts.

🚫 keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.

🚫 discontinue burning when there's 1/4" wax remaining

no matter what you're looking for these candles will always be the perfect! 💕

scent library //

apple bobbing // fall's favorite pomme fruits get a sprinkle of brown sugar and a pinch of allspice for that cozy, autumn vibe. we then mix in the warmth of baked vanilla, with just a touch of red fruit to create this quintessential dessert of the season.

brunch & gossip // imagine this: pomelo and tangerine, the zesty gossip queens, kick things off. then, you've got geranium and rose, the floral divas stealing the spotlight. and to wrap it up, earthy patchouli and clean musk, the responsible brunch buddies. it's a fragrance rollercoaster of zesty drama, floral fashion, and a fresh finale!

fir-ry bush // draw in a long, deep breath of the crisp, icy air as you venture into a majestic winter forest. towering firs and evergreens loom around you, their branches adorned with glistening frost.

martini // bergamot, honey, and ginger zest – they're like the secret agents of flavor, stirring up the sweet and fragrant matcha tea scene. and then, fresh lemons waltz in, giving it that classic and vibrant twist, making it a martini of aromatic proportions.

morning wood // starts with a naughty twist of zesty citrus romp, followed by a bloomin' good time of tuberose and a dash of sugar, coupled with an intimate morning-after hug of vanilla, white woods, and resins. your mornings are about to get woodier-ful!

pumpkin lust // a delightfully autumnal aroma, where zesty oranges and lemons team up to spice things up with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. they dance in harmony with the cozy sweetness of pumpkin and sugared vanilla. a classic fall favorite that's like a warm hug for your senses!

sage & lavender // a tranquil and soothing fusion of summer lavender blossoms and waterlilies, gently mingling with the naturally sweet charm of chamomile, all elevated by the serene embrace of sandalwood. it's like a peaceful getaway for your senses.

sugah daddy // imagine a scent as flashy as a sugar daddy's yacht party! it starts with the deep pockets, saffron and suede, setting the stage for luxury. but when it dries down, it's a lavish finale of rich amber, tonka, and musk – just like living the sugar daddy dream, where you never have to work another day!

sex in bora bora // get ready for the naughtiest beachside affair of your life. the kind you still think about. sharp yuzu sets the mood, mingling in a sultry dance. creamy coconut adds a touch of sin, while sandalwood, amber, and musk turn up the heat. it's a fragrance that'll leave you drooling for more.

luxury scents //

better than sex // a scent that's pure temptation. spices ignite desire, while pistachio and caramel create an indulgence that lingers. in the heart, vanilla, musk, and saffron fuse into a seductive blend that captivates and teases a sensuous journey to ecstasy.

sugah momma // unleash freedom with sugar momma. lemon and morning dew burst into a bouquet of lilac, orange blossom, and water lily. driftwood and musk envelop you in security. love knows no bounds.

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anniversary gift

bridal showers

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baby showers


secret santa

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